Propositions propelling you into China

Services for each export stage

Sales & export

Setting up export and distribution via our network of channel partners



Launching and managing your business in China with our team



Sourcing of investors and funding advise through to positive impact

Sales & export

From sales to customs

We help small and medium enterprises set up and operate business in China with no upfront investment


We identify your international customers and facilitate you to set terms and conditions


We can help you manage your export process - invoicing, logistics, clearance, etc.

Sell to lifestyle centres

Get access to B2B buyers, attractive retail space to sell / showcase products, and get endorsement through our B2B platform

Retail products

Significant space for retail experiences

Entertainment & activity
Themed buildings that will showcase engaging activity

End-to-end app

Make our app your shop window and structured seamless trade engine running your daily export work

Your export app speaks Mandarin. You don't have to speak 'Chinese'. You can manage all key export processes via the platform in your native language


Hands-free operation

For companies wishing to establish a presence in China with the least risk


Support with company registration, HR, finance, production setup, etc. Access to office space

Work force

Get access to free interim work force during early stages as well as long-term team operations

Financial incentives

Financial support, up to 3 years tax grace period, up to 5 years free office rent

Access to Chinese capital

For state of the art companies going to China

Financial support to companies e.g. within sustainability, health care, healthy food & living, innovative interior design, or just truly creative product

Local government funds
Private investor funds


We work with local governments and private investors to build presence of foreign companies in China
You will be selling to our Chinese channel partners - typically retail businesses with up to 3-400 outlets
Get access to millions of customers in dedicated retail centres
Target companies
In search of a widespan of consumer product, entertainment, and technology companies