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Theme cities

Tech incubation

Export opportunity

Theme cities

  1. Get access to B2B buyers
  2. Get listed in Chinese B2B app
  3. Get financial support
  4. Get up to 3 years tax grace period
  5. Get free interim work force during setup
  6. Get support for setting up production if required

The Chinese government plans to build and promote hundreds of theme cities / cultural activity-centres across China as means of strenghtening local know-how and domestic tourism. We are part of the Chinese-Danish organisation that works with local governments and private investors to build Denmark themed cities pinpointed by the government to represent Danish culture, and sell Danish products. The project is supported as well by the Danish consulate in Shanghai and several Danish public authorities.


The buyers are merchants operating in the activity-centres. The first cities that signed in 2019 are Yangzhou City (Jiangsu Province) with a population of 4.5M, Huainan City (Anhui Province) 3.5M, and Xingtai City (Hebei Province) 7.9M. Further cities will be signed up in the near future. Further eight cities are expected to join during 2020 and another 25 cities by 2025.


You can get product placement in retail centres of 40,000 – 150,000 sq.m. Buyers will be guided into the acitivty-centres and onto an online app / platform to enhance the buyer journey. Get access to hundreds of thousands of new customers every year. Get financial support with registration of company in China. Enjoy favorable tax grace periods of up to three years. Receive interim work force for free during the initial phases. Get support with setting up production when required. 

Product categories

Consumer products applicable for theme parks – such as lighting, cooking tools, photographs, stationery, paint brushes, instructional and teaching material, leather goods, bags, furniture, textiles, clothing, footwear, games, sporting articles; decoration products, food and drinks. The Danish brands will be a widespan of brands ranging from Danfoss Universe, over Randers Regnskov, and Bloom, to Ib Antony.

Export opportunity

Tech transfer

  1. Get partners who will bring to market
  2. Get investors
  3. Get up to 3 years tax grace period
  4. Get free interim work force during setup
  5. Get offices and other startup support
We cooperate with Chinese partners and municipalities in providing business incubation to foreign clean tech and other tech companies who can benefit form starting up in China