Business incubation for small and medium enterprises

Get access to Chinese capital

Is your business about sustainable tech, healthcare tech, healthy food, healthy living, innovative interior design, or just truly creative products? Then you may find a match with investors to get you company even quicker off the ground in China.

What you get

  1. Access to investment capital
  2. Access to B2B buyers in China
  3. Endorsement through B2B platform
  4. Financial support
  5. Up to 3 years tax grace period
  6. Office space with basic furnishing
  7. Up to 5 years free rent
  8. Free interim work force during setup
  9. Administrative support (company registration, HR, finance, etc.)
  10. Support for setting up production if required

Government backed

Backed by local governments and private investors, this incubator setup offers SMEs a unique opportunity to enter and scale their business and activities within the Chinese market.

Companies joining the incubator may enjoy favorable conditions for establishing office facilities, building the legal structure, enjoying support because of the interest of local government to promote and grow their region.