Fast forward

To some segments franchise is a powerful export model. To support this we perform match making between franchisors (sellers) and franchisees.


01More cost-effctive: Parts of the funds are paid by your franchiser.
02Better results per territory: Owner-operators have more vested than managers.
03Easier management: Franchisees assume all responsibilities for staffing.


01Less risky ownership: You will be supported by the benefits of a larger business network.
02Higher success rate: You build on an established reputation, proven management and work practices.
03Funding is easier: Some resources are invested by your franchisor; loan financing more likely.

Basic franchise evaluation criteria

When to go and when to say no

Franchise is a business model that encompasses a multitude of business types and consumer markets. Although it typically implies a lower risk/profit balance than organic growth from scratch, both franchisor and franchisee prospects should consider carefully what it takes. We will guide you through the process.

Investment and fees

Investment size
Royalty fee
Funding options
Renewal and buy-back rights
Ownership transfer rights


Size and growth rate
Franchisor’s financial stability
Other franchisees’ evaluation
Dispute resolution


Marketing support
Operational support
Franchise infrastructure
Litigation support

Brand strength

Brand awareness & loyalty
Brand investment
Years in business
Years of franchising