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Learn the services you get for free as part of our proposition. Explore your best path for your China export model. No fuss. Reality is our one and only operating system. Get our pragmatic on-going advise through to positive impact in China. Be it support for company setup, market insights, operational setup, team recruitment etc.

You probably can. Deliver the results yourself. In some cases, however, you may need a partner with a hand or a thought to get you rolling. Let’s talk and decide if we can shape a meaningful dialogue, be it valuable insights or networking – as long as it takes you one step further.

What we make

Make it essential

Discover the best export markets, segments and customers; understand what really matters to them, and how capable your company could be in working with them.


How do you choose the right export market?

Which trends, market, industry and economic forces prevail?

What are the typical customer needs and behaviour in the market?

How do such forces dictate changes to value proposition and how you sell?

Who would be your ideal partner?

What changes to your organisation and processes are required to make your company capable of delivering under such conditions?

Make it ready

Distinguish your customer experience through differentiation and marketing; and bring the distinction to life through people, technology and partnerships.


How do you define your product features, pricing, brand and the rest of your value proposition in the export market context?

In which areas should you adjust current ways of working with distributors and customers?

Which initiatives should you start to ensure the right competencies for your export market?

Is your ideal partner ready, willing, and able to take on the job? And how do you split the work between the two of you?

How do you plan your fulfillment processes such as distribution, logistics, and insurance?

Make it happen

Deliver the business results, and the benefits that customers seek, by tailoring your processes and making your organisation capable of meeting customer expectations.


How do you optimize your support to your export market partners?

How do you organise technical training or sales training?

How to assure that your partners understand what they’re bringing to the table?

How can you ensure the customer gets the value promised them through the buying process?

How to achieve real-time sales performance data to enable on-time effectiveness assessment?

Make it stick

Delight by strengthening customer relationships, and by continuously striving to work smarter, faster and better to increase product quality at reduce cost and increased speed.


Which measures should you take to keep up the value proposition delivery?

How can your team and partnerships deliver continuous growth?

How do you develop the right retention strategies?

How do you achieve commercial leadership constantly leading by example?

How can your team think new, act lean or reinvent the product, value proposition or business?

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