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The marketplace is your
shop window and structured seamless trade engine running your daily export work. All core processes are automised making it a breeze to get up and running


Your export app speaks Mandarin

You don't have to speak 'Chinese'. You can manage all key export processes via the platform in your native language. And if not, we are here to help

How it works

For sellers


Expose · Build trust · Fulfill


We help you maintain your exposure online, by organizing sellers in homogeneous groups, and showcase it to Chinese buyers.
Build trust

We help you deliver your reputation information to prospective Chinese customers.

We help you manage invoicing, order sourcing, inventory control, pick pack, shipping, settlement / payment, and eventually returns.

Why trust ?


Corporate reputation is now directly responsible for an average of 38% of the market value (capitalisation)

Trust essentials

  1. Buyers are hesitant to trust unverified claims on sellers’ own websites. Buyers crave third-party validation of suppliers’ claims.
  2. Buyers are as interested in seeing suppliers’ awards, certifications, press, and organizational affiliations as in seeing suppliers’ product information.
  3. Buyers find information about suppliers in a standardized format helpful for comparing and evaluating suppliers.
  4. Buyers want verified reviews from identifiable sources that they can trust. Having a collage of logos on a supplier’s website is simply not trust-inducing.
  5. Buyers look for proof of industry expertise by demonstrating it in a concrete way.